APE founder, Daniel Hester, has always been searching for a better way to do work.  Growing up in the trades as a carpenter he came to appreciate the tools that made his work easier.  It was because of this that once he became an engineer, he was drawn to designing products to enhance productivity, efficiency, and safety.

While working as a field engineer building bridges including the Bay St. Louis Bridge in Mississippi and the San Francisco Bay Bridge in California, he designed many material lifting, handling, and access solutions, often building prototypes in his own garage late into the night.

Some of his more notable designs include the “Hester Hanger,” a device used to install concrete form systems for bridge decks, and the “Jack Snatcher” a machine that picked up and moved massive hydraulic cylinders during the construction of the San Francisco Bay Bridge. 

Building on his skills and experience as a bridge builder, Daniel founded and led Hester Fabrication in Silicon Valley, a company that designs and builds components for industry leaders in Tech, Automotive, Energy, Aerospace, and Defense, including companies like Google, Apple, and Tesla.   

In order to live in a better place for both business and family, Daniel sold Hester Fabrication and moved to Texas to found American Precision Engineering and build a company that focuses on complex design and fabrication for visionary companies.

Daniel’s broad experience of building things gives APE a wide lens to view solutions to challenging problems.  His passion for quality, productivity, and customer satisfaction are founding principles that make up the culture of the business today.

APE’s founder’s experience includes designing systems to erect, position, and connect massive bridge sections on the San Francisco Bay Bridge.

Family run fabrication shop

The Hester family founded APE to provide engineering and fabrication support to visionary companies.


Our facility is designed to be the region’s premier prototyping and short-run production facility with a wide range of high precision tooling and equipment to meet any task.



Our mission is to design and create world changing solutions for visionary companies.


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