No matter what you are building, you will have to move it. If you are moving small pieces many times or massive pieces a few times, we can design a solution to help move your product. Whether your product is a 3,000,000-pound bridge section, or a 2-pound aerospace component, we have the experience to move your product safely, and productively with precision.

Spinning a top is easy. Spinning a giant steel beam can be too with a custom designed material handling system. Whether it is a small part that needs to be spun in a manufacturing environment, or a large part that needs to be rotated on a construction project, we can help you out.

Moving a product in 3-axis or more? Just because there are more directions that your heavy part must move, it doesn’t mean that the work has to be hard. We can custom design a solution to manipulate your product into just the right orientation and position to increase your production with ease.

If your project requires putting 2 or more parts together, then chances are that you need a fixture to maximize quality, increase productivity, and make the operation safer. We can design a custom fixture that will allow you to quickly put your parts together, more accurately, with better quality, and less operator fatigue.

Having a professionally designed storage system minimizes the cost and protects your product until it is ready for use. Whether it is tools, raw materials, finished parts, or valuable components in need of secure storage, we can custom design a solution that will protect your product and your bottom line.

Don’t let a poorly designed transportation system cause defects to your product. Whether you are moving carts of components from one side of your shop to the other, or moving barge loads of products to another continent, we can design a transportation system that will improve productivity, and reduce defects.


American Precision Engineering is an engineering and fabrication company that specializes in the design and manufacturing of complex fabricated metallic assemblies for technically sophisticated companies. We design and build systems to move, rotate, manipulate, transport, fixture, or secure items to improve your production process. 


We deliver the solution to support your product development in any step along the process, from initial prototype through final production shipment. We work with your engineers to find out the operations that need to take place and the critical components of the manufacturing process, including hard points, safety concerns, and production goals. We design a custom system in collaboration with your team to ensure we meet all your objectives. 

We utilize our Design-thru-Fab system to continually refine the design through the entirety of the project to maximize quality, minimize costs, and get you a solution faster. Our goal is to keep your talent working on what they do best and to help your team optimize quality, production, budget, and safety. 


We have experience designing and building custom solutions for a wide range of innovative companies.

Our clients include advanced manufacturers, specialty contractors, product developers, and robotics integrators.

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